Friday, May 16, 2014

Divine Messages for Me Today.

He is The Healer!
Nobody was meant to understand you and your pain. This specific test was written for you, only you and nobody else. People will say insensitive things. They will make comments trying to say they understand and at other times they will want you to just get over it. But really if you’re bleeding internally, people can’t even see how bad the pain is and you’ll only know because you feel it. So be it. This is how God wrote the test and wanted the pain to be so you can only seek help from the Healer of broken hearts.

Syekh Ibnu ‘Atha’illah mengatakan:
“Ilmu yang bermanfaat adalah ilmu yang membantu menuju ketaatan, mendatangkan rasa takut pada Allah dan menjaga rambu-rambu-Nya. Ilmu yang paling bermanfaat adalah ilmu tentang Allah. Orang yang banyak berbicara tentang tauhid, tetapi mengabaikan syariat berarti telah mencampakkan dirinya dalam samudera kekufuran.
Maka, orang yang benar-benar alim adalah yang didukung oleh hakikat dan terikat oleh syariat. Karena itu, seorang ahli hakikat tidak boleh hanya berada pada tingkat hakikat atau berhenti pada tataran syariat lahiriah semata. Tapi, ia harus berada pada posisi keduanya.
Berhenti pada syariat lahiriah saja adalah syirik, sedangkan hanya menetap pada hakikat tanpa terikat oleh syariat adalah sesat. Petunjuk dan hidayah terletak pada keduanya.”
--Syekh Ibnu ‘Atha’illah dalam Taj Al-‘Arus

"If you feel sad or emotionally hollow and confused as to why you’re just not feeling like yourself lately, then pray. Make dua that Allah detaches your heart from anything worldly and temporary and anything that will tarnish your good intentions or keep you from improving yourself. Ask Him to remove this dunya from your heart and ask Him to make you among those with whom He is pleased with and close to. Just ask. That’s all it takes."

"I’ve realized that the easiest way to check up on where your relationship with God lies is to notice the next time you’re really upset, emotionally volatile or just pure angry. Notice where, who and what you look for first to try and comfort yourself. That’s pretty much it. It’s scary sometimes when you realise."

"Ramadan is coming up soon inshaAllah and it’s often the case that we rarely prep ourselves for its arrival and expect to go into it, full of vigor and enthusiasm and with that alone, we expect that we’ll just get right into it. But just like any other event, you really have to get ready before hand. Because it runs far more smoothly if you do, and you can tell.
Fast on Mondays and Thursdays. It was a sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to fast on these days. You’ll be physically prepping your body whilst gaining some immense rewards too.
Start reading the Quran. Try to read at least one page a day, or one page after every salat (prayer). Start re-familiarizing yourself with the words of Allah.
Reduce the amount of time you spend online. Try limiting the amount of time you spend on facebook, twitter, tumblr . The more time you spend being idle, the less you’ll have to be productive. And this is important especially in a month where you want to reap as much rewards as possible by actively doing those things which will benefit you both in this life and the next. It starts small.
Go to the masjid. Try going to the masjid at least once a week. Somehow, someway. Bring your heart back there and let it soak in that kind of serene atmosphere to prep it for taraweh.
Watch your diet. Start staying away from fast foods and processed foods. As silly as it sounds, you’ll want to be top notch once Ramadan rolls around. Keeping your body in a healthy and mint condition will make fasting much easier. Drink more water, eat more fruits.
Start making a Dua-list. Make a list of your hopes and aspirations, things you want, people you’d like to pray for, anything and everything. Start making a list on paper and use it during Ramadan. Read it often to remind yourself what you want to pray for, because remember that the duas of someone fasting are not rejected.
Pick your top 3 Ramadan goals. Choose three things you want to accomplish during this Ramadan. Keep reminding yourself of these three things.
Purify your intentions. Start today. Simplest of all. Make an intention to really want to work hard towards getting closer to Allah, to improve, to reap the blessings of this blessed month for His sake.
Pray for the Muslim reverts/converts. Keep making dua for your new brothers and sisters. Ramadan is often a very difficult and testing time for new Muslims, especially those who have yet to tell their families of their conversion. May He make it easy for them."
Say “Oh Allah, let us reach Ramadan”

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