Monday, October 17, 2016

Hooked on Hooking

Star Trek Beanie (for me)

I finally found a noble purpose to my crochet passion: making hats for children who are bald from chemo treatments for cancer. Here are several that I have managed to hook up so far. The top one (above this paragraph) is something I designed myself as a huge Star Trek fan. I made it for me as a reward for being so diligently productive.

Here's the usual suspects: (Top left to bottom right) One eyed Minion, Elmo, Ninja Turtle, Batman.

Topmost: Little flowered beanie for a little girl. Bottom left: A simple unisex beanie. Bottom right: Two eyed Minion with ear flaps. 

Left to right: Olaf (Frozen) and Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)

Purple Minion complete with white acrylic felt teeth.

Nemo the clownfish complete with fins and tail.

William Glasser wrote a book titled Positive Addiction many years ago and I believe this passion of mine is right up its alley. It helps to replace the bad habits I've been trying to break. Being hooked on hooking (crocheting) is definitely therapeutic and I truly pray these hats will put smiles on many little faces. Ameen.