Sunday, February 22, 2015

Aquarian Dragon Woman

I am the unquenchable fire,
The center of all energy, 
The stout heroic heart. 
I am the truth and the light, 
I hold power and glory in my sway. 
My presence 
Disperses dark clouds. 
I have been chosen 
To tame the Fates 

  • Chinese name for the Dragon: LOONG
  • Ranking order: Fifth
  • Hours ruled by the Dragon: 7am to 9am
  • Direction of its sign: East-Southeast
  • Season and principal month: Spring - April
  • Corresponds to the Western sign: Aries
  • Fixed element: Wood
  • Stem: Positive
The Dragon lady is the Grand Dame of the cycle. She will be a suffragette, a believer of equal rights for women. Double standards and discrimination will arouse her wildest passions. What a man can do, she can probably do better. Don't underestimate her. She is going to beat you at your own game--or die trying. She'll never stand idly by and accept her fate. She is the stuff empires are built on, the matriarch of old. Cross her and the sky will fall.

To tell the truth, the Dragon female is strictly a no-nonsense person. She will show this by the way she dresses. Practical and functional clothes appeal to her most. No frills, flimsy laces, buttons and bows, but a minimum of complications. Clothes that go on and off easily and provide her with maximum movement will be her top choice. She hates restrictions and limitations. Actually, she may even secretly perfer a uniform if she has military or institutional inclinations. This way, starched, crisp, and superbly efficient, she can pop off to work every day without the bother of having to decide what to wear.

The Dragon girl seldom, if ever, overdecorates herself. Her brilliance is in her mind and this will shine forth, without any trimmings. Self-esteem rates very high with all Dragons, so the Dragon female will be no exception. She doesn't expect to be treated like divinity though she does have her airs. She just wants your respect and she will do everything in her power to get it. 

The lady Dragon is totally emancipated, so strongarm tactics will get you nowhere. You might as well resign yourself--she will have the last word.


The catalytic effect of this combinations is a person with clarity of expression backed by an authoritativeness that is difficult to ignore or challenge. The Aquarian Dragon is forever changing and improving; an individualistic and constant expander of modes. Deceit is anathema to the shining Dragon, while the breezy Aquarian wins distinction for her ability to deal with people and tough situations. This person can be sudden and unorthodox, but never cruel or scheming. Both signs here can forgive and forget, although the Dragon is warlike when thwarted, whereas the Water Bearer is more broad-minded and brotherly.