Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Between Your Wants and My Needs

I have discovered several new pet peeves, of late. Most annoying one is when people try to impose their life aspirations on me. I can totally respect everyone's ambitions and life goals and I'm sure they have logical reasons for having them. But please understand this: JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS DAMN IMPORTANT TO YOU, IT DOES NOT MEAN IT MUST BE IMPORTANT TO ME TOO!!

I have no desire whatsoever for recognition nor fame. I was born famous! I have no desire to prove anything to anyone, which includes how intelligent I am or am not. Not everyone who is wise has a doctorate degree! And yes, I aspire to be humble rather than a cocky asshole!

Another thing that people simply do not get about me is that I AM NOT CALCULATIVE!!! I refuse to ask for something in which I have to justify me deserving it! If you wanna give, GIVE! If you don't want to give, DON'T!! But I refuse to let you manipulate me by using money. That won't work anyways because I am not a slave of money. My God is ALLAH!!!

Also, I don't care for titles nor designations. My family is full of the who's whos and they are all human beings at the end of the day; who work hard, fart, sneeze, sleep, and crap! And yet NONE of them are as hung up as some stuck up assholes who ignore those who do not have Ph.Ds. Fuckshit you, lah!

My work is NOT the center of my universe! I have Allah, my husband and children, my parent, my brothers, my huge family and relatives! I have my private practice and continuous clients. YES!!! I am proud to be a private practitioner. And I would appreciate it if people would just STOP BUGGING ME ABOUT DOING Ph.D!! The more they tell me to do it, the more I will rebel. They should really read up on how to handle an Aquarian Dragon coz this Fiery Humanitarian just refuses to conform to what fuckshits think is acceptable in their small pea-sized brains of theirs!

Rant over! I'm done.