Saturday, August 4, 2007

Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black, the 10 year old BMW that my beloved husband bought for me about a few weeks after our return from umrah. I'm so proud to be an owner of this car. It has its own personality and eccentricities. About two weeks into driving my beemer, I was caught in a speed trap along the Sprint Highway, on my way to campus. I was issued a speeding ticket by a very polite and friendly police officer. It made my day for two reasons:

1. I have never been caught for speeding before in my 24 years of driving experience.

2. I was cited for driving 20 kph above the speed limit, in my very own BMW!!

Thank you, Yang for making another dream of mine come true. Not in 10 lifetimes would I ever dream of owning a BMW. But most of all, the part that I appreciate most about this BMW is that it is a loving gift from my beloved husband. Because although I may appear to be a hard shelled person by some quarters, I am actually a very sentimental person to my very core.

I dubbed this car Joe Black to reflect my personal and public image. It is an extension of my self espression. It is still in dark blue colour but we hope to respray it black pretty soon, insya Allah. Alhamdulillah. I seek Allah's assistance and protection to make sure I remain humble and grateful, always. Amiin.