Monday, January 16, 2006

Dreams Do Come True

Ever since I was 5 years old, I use to follow my dad to his rehearsals with the RTM Orchestra. I use to dream of one day having the opportunity to sing with an orchestra with my dad as the conductor. Seeing all the big stars singing beautifully accompanied by a big orchestra always made me green with envy.

People who say that dreams do come true are often called optimists. Pessimists are those who never saw their dream materialize. Some believe that luck plays a big role in making dreams come true. I use to be one of those people. However, my idol, Oprah Winfrey educated me otherwise. She says that Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparation. God just proved to me, recently, that Miss Winfrey was right.

At the end of my 40th year, after 35 years of waiting for the opportunity, my years of preparation proved worthwhile when I was asked by my dad to sing a few songs for his tribute concert at Istana Budaya last 17th and 18th December, 2005. I had a time of my life!

Many anticipated that I would be nervous and freaking out of my skin from the pressure of performing alongside my dad. But I wasn’t nervous. I was excited! This is a chance of a lifetime. A moment in time that I have been waiting for over 35 years! No way I was ever gonna let nervousness get in the way of my fully experiencing the golden moment!

I made sure that most of the significant people in my life was present for the concert because I needed them to assure me, after the concert was over, that it DID actually happen! Just in case I was just imagining or hallucinating the whole event! Ha ha haaa!

Anyway, what I know for sure now is, dreams do come true. Some people spend their entire lives chasing a dream that proved to be elusive. I didn’t chase it. I just prepared for it, just in case opportunity ever showed it’s face, I was determined to be ready for it. So people, believe me when I tell you this. Dreams do come true. And when it does, you will realize that you can do anything your free will desires. Once upon a time, people say that man can’t fly. But now we have man walking on the moon, right? Dream it. Do it! Love it. Live it! Go to your destiny, baby!