Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moving Fiction

Its been a long while since I picked up and read a fiction book. After many years of reading books my mom bought, books by authors like Danielle Steele, John Grisham and Jeffery Archer, I grew tired of reading fiction and went on to favouring non-fiction books such as anything relating to psychology, self-help, alternative therapies and spirituality or religion. Recently, I stumbled upon a quote by Paulo Coelho that stopped me dead in my tracks! And then I went on to search more and more quotes from this author. I fell in love with each and every thing he has to say! I can't explain why I find myself so moved by the simplicity of his words. 

My daughter bought me a paperback copy of The Alchemist. It sat on my bedside table for many weeks. I would sometimes take a peek into the pages and found myself sucked into his story. I could sense that this author has the magic of pulling the reader into his fictional world and yet leaving us able to use the wisdom and lesson gained into our daily lives. 

On my recent trip to Penang, I brought the book with me. I read it on the bus, on the hotel bed (under the covers, as usual) and finishing it off on my return bus ride home. The impact of that book was so profound that I was left speechless! And so, I decided to share some parts of the book with my husband by reading it out loud to him. My husband is not a book lover but he loves having me read to him.

My husband was intrigued by the story line and characters in the story. But most of all, he was deeply moved by the wisdom contained in the story. Almost each line in the book is a quotable quote! As for me, as much I am well aware I am not a good writer, I now feel inspired to keep on writing until I can be the best writer I can be!

I find this book spiritually enlightening, full of ageless wisdom, simply written, and profoundly moving. I felt the paradigm shift happening within me when each line is devoured and digested. Now I am determined to hunt, purchase and own all of Coelho's books. I am intrigued by his character and mind. He has allowed me to travel through his creative mind and I am craving for more.

I am so grateful for the day my daughter bought me this book. I am more grateful and amazed that my husband has begun reading. Generally, he hates reading books. But I think its safe to say, he is hooked on Coelho. Well done, darling! Let's keep reading together....

Pure genius is a person who can move others by his creativity and wisdom.