Monday, February 14, 2005

Wisdom of the 40's

At the age of 40, I've learnt that:

Life doesn't begin at 40. Life doesn't end at 40 either. It's still deciding what to do.

No matter what you do, be it exercise or diet, you can't fight the Allah's design of you and the pull of gravity.

The so called "good skin care" only works for a while. After that, your face will need somethings more potent to make it look younger....a skin care that is beyond your budget. Or you can try looking in the mirror while you're lying on your back. But, whatever you do, don't look down at your br***ts. Because then you wil need to remain lying down just to ease off depression.

Your daughters wanna be like you and you want their youth.

There's no way you can be sure that you don't snore, too!

People don't mellow with age. They're just too tired to bother.

Hell on earth is when your clothes don't fit you anymore and you feel more comfortable in your mom's fat clothes.

No matter how many days you starve yourself, the damn weighing scale just refuse to budge!

Not caring is easier said than done.

Solitude is an opportunity to have a conversation with yourself.

Grey hair regrows every 5 minutes.

I still hate ironing.

People don't change. They just improvise.