Saturday, July 3, 2010

Believe it? Or not?: July Predictions for Dragons.

No matter what happens to Dragons, they can usually handle it. You were born with a superior emergency gene. Houses catch fire and you leap to extinguish the flames. A child wanders in front of a car, you race out and grab the kid away from harm. You are also lucky. Most everything that goes wrong eventually gets put to rights.

Your weakness? Sentimentality. You cry at the drop of a petal from a rose. This July you will be pitched into a pit of feeling more intense than you have experienced in a long long time. Last month you fell in love. We weren't certain it would last. Your attachment to this person was intense. You felt all over good. But that great feeling also made you feel vulnerable and Dragons hate to feel vulnerable.

Around July 17th, for some unknown reason, the person in question will begin acting strangely aloof. You are not sure why and can't really pinpoint when the odd behavior began. You fear that if you bring it up to him or her they may bolt or voice recriminations regarding something you did. My hunch? The person you fell for is already spoken for. When you met they might have been going through a separation or a brief estrangement from their mate. But now they find themselves caught between the two of you. My advice? Take your distance.

Make clear you will wait a certain length of time for them to come back. If in a month, they have not made up their mind, then you will consider them lost to you. This will be difficult. Dragons hate defeat. But if they are to leave you, better it be done with dignity and managed by yourself.

Money becomes an issue for you after the 20th of July. You may suddenly be confronted with a bill or your car or fridge, TV or computer will give up the ghost and you will want to get a new one. If you are wise, you won't go buying something new on credit. Either get the damn thing fixed or go without till you have the money to buy new.

Children are somehow involved in your month of July, they might be your own kids. But I have a suspicion they are someone else's. Perhaps you are teaching them a skill or taking someone's kids for the weekend. Enjoy!

- by Suzanne White

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