Saturday, September 3, 2016

Precious Little Ana

This photo of Little Ana brought tears to my eyes. This was taken at her uncle's wedding. She was photographed clapping her hands because her mother was the emcee for the event. Each time her mother finished saying something, she would applaud. 

That's how precious she is. Always there to cheer everyone on. Always there to appreciate others. Always there to make others happy. Her happiness was never her own priority. Neither was it anyone else's priority. 

She's now as silent as death. Grieving for all that she has lost without ever owning anything. Yet, she only faults herself. As much as she would like to believe she's worthy of love, she hasn't the courage to bring herself to believe it. 

My left hand remains dead quiet. No one else knows loss as she. So young to have lost so much. I pray I am enough a constant for her. If she dies, I die too. 

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