Monday, September 5, 2016

Masters in Counseling Sensitivity Camps Cohort 2015

About a month ago, I co-facilitated a sensitivity camp for 9 Masters in Counseling students. The location chosen by the students was Janda Baik. The goal of the camp is for students to unload and sort out their personal obstacles and issues in order for them to be effective counselors as they start their practicum module.

Dr. Anasuya and me with the students.

The recent weekend, I was entrusted with the responsibility to conduct the sensitivity camp alone for the remaining 13 students of the same cohort. This time around, the chosen location was Port Dickson. Unlike the first location in which we only had access to a stream located within driving distance from our lodging, Naam Boutique Hotel had 10 rooms with 2 kitchenettes and the beach was just across the road. I was fully aware that I had less than 24 hours to accomplish all goals of this camp. Therefore, upon arrival and check in, I immediately started the students on constructing their corkboards on which they will each tell their life stories.

I gave them until 5 pm to finish off their corkboards and then gathered them outdoors for trust building activities. We had loads of fun and laughters were abundant. After each activity, students readily shared what they learnt about themselves in experiencing the group process.

As the sun began to lower down upon the horizon, I lead the group to the beach to start on the sensory exercise and grounding. The purpose of these activities is to bring their awareness to the here and now and to be present and prepared for the group counseling marathon planned after dinner.

While the students searched for objects they can relate to that can be found in the vacinity of the beach, I took the opportunity to enjoy the sea. Most of the students enjoyed the sea too. Some students even decided to take a dip in the sea and they squealed like children as they enjoyed the cool water and the salty breeze. Just watching them was a delight for me. I love the sea. I managed to capture the beauty of it on my phone's camera. Here are some of it.

Due to confidentiality, much of what transpired during the 9.5 hours group counseling marathon could not be captured on camera. Neither am I able to write anything about that. However, just looking at the looks on the faces, I think you would agree they all have found their ways out of the dark tunnels and into the light. 

Last but not least, two students and I video-recorded this short funny jig. Why? Because this is what happens when you get Ms. Joe as your lecturer! LOL!

I feel so blessed to have had a part to play in their journeys towards becoming counselors. I sincerely hope I have been a positive influence in their lives. Insya Allah.

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