Friday, August 25, 2006

Independence Day

Lately, whenever you turn on the TV, you'll be bombarded with all kinds of reminders of the upcoming celebration of our wonderful country's independence day. I must admit that most that I have seen touched my heart so much that it wrings tears to my eyes. I believe that most people would be affected the same way too.

Whenever I look or see something created by God, I am always in awe and questions like "what was He thinking of?" are far from my mind. I never question God for He is All Knowing and Most Beautiful and Most Creative and Most Artistic....this list will go on for as long as anyone would give me the time of day to ramble on. However, when I witness things made by man, acts done by man, creations designed by man, I can't help myself but wonder and say out loud, "What the hell were they thinking?!"

I believe the reason why I'm touched by those ads on TV to remind us of our independence day touched me so because they remind me of how things use to be. Values, the simple way of life, genuine care for each other and the purity of friendship that was once the culture of our nation has somehow evaporated in the heat of all things western and new. Somehow, the price we paid for modernity and so called new age lifestyle has robbed us of our identity. Nowadays, we think nothing of crimes committed that we read in daily newspapers but there are those who feel the urge to travel far and wide to bring aid to those who have their countries attacked by ruthless people who drop bombs like a rain of candies on the innocent.

Where did this indifference come from? Why have we become so unfeeling? Someone on Ally McBeal said,"My problem is big because its mine." I wonder how the world would be like if everyone thinks this way. Oprah once said that the world is the way it is because we allow it to happen. If there's a child out there somewhere in the world who is going to bed hungry or homeless is because we allow it. Because we choose to NOT do anything about it. Sure, I sound idealistic and unrealistic. After all, how can one person save and rescue the world? But do you dare to wonder what would happen if everyone in the world makes sure at least one child goes to bed on a full stomach, in a home eventhough it is just a humble one? What kind of world would we be living in then, if this happens?

William Glasser says that everyone has five basic needs: to love and be loved, to feel worthwile, to have power, to have fun and finally to have freedom. I believe that those who have their basic needs met should at least reach out to anyone who cannot have any of their's met. Don't be complacent just because our country is independent and free from invaders. God forbid, the table can turn anytime and one day we may wake up oppressed by some "bossy" nation. So, show your gratitude by letting the weak lean on you. Say your thanks to God for being fortunate enough to have a choice of where or what you wanna have for dinner. Being independent don't mean a thing until you give something back. After all, isn't random acts of kindness something anyone can afford? Do it while you can. Because one day, it might be you on the receiving end.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan!

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