Saturday, May 30, 2015

Before Everything Goes Black

Of late, the enemies who are not mine have become more and more ruthless. Despite it all, I keep the smiles on my lips, do as much as I can to not be defeated. I strive to keep my life as normal as possible because the nights are dark and painful as hell. The sight in my right eye is going, the pains in my head that goes right down my spine are excruciating, and my speech is slowing down to silence. And my heart is suffering blows of painful punches. 

I tell myself "you're a warrior, woman!" And I keep getting up after each blow. Despite it all, as far as the world is concerned, I'm fine. 

But just in case things go downhill steeply after this, I'm gonna post photos of the proofs that I've fought this battle with courage and creativity. Below are are among the things I've made with wire. 

If my condition worsens, this may be the last entry on this blog. It may also mean I  won't be able to continue doing work, helping people, or sing, or teach, or bake or make jewelry anymore. I have faith Allah has His reasons to allow this upon me. 

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