Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Dilemma of Journaling

I was gifted 2 journals this year; one by my daughter and another by Rina, my pet sister. These gifts  are making me very nervous! The pressure of writing! By hand! With no delete or undo options! And I truly hate whiteouts! Ok. Enough of pressure venting... For now...

I had the idea of using Blog2Print. I had even completed choosing the cover, layouts, etc. But when I keyed in my debit card details, it was rejected simply because it's from Malaysia! That got me very upset, to say the least. So, there goes that option.

Whilst going through the accumulated hoardings stored in drawers all around my home, I stumbled upon several notebooks I had kept as journals before internet was made accessible to me. I decided that maybe its a good idea for me to begin by transferring my past writings into one of my new journals.

I had thought of keeping one journal just on my kitchen expeditions, but it includes pasting photos of my culinary achievements. Alas, I do not own a polaroid camera. Therefore, I am seriously considering going to the photo shop to have my photos printed out just so I can design the layout of my cooking journals as how I envision it in my head.

Fountain pen or Bic ballpoint pen? One of the journals is not lined. I'm not sure I can write in straight lines. Also, I fear my handwriting has been reduced to chicken scratchings, not unlike a doctor's writing. And my anxiety level continues to rise. Time for meds. I hope this will soon turn out to be a therapeutic exercise, as how it's suppose to be.

So... fountain pen or Bic ballpoint pen...?

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