Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Orphan Spiky

About a week ago, just as my daughters and I were about to enter our front door with both arms laden with grocery shopping bags, we heard a frantic mewing of a kitten. Quickly, we scanned the surrounding area, only to land our eyes on a little white furry ball, teetering around aimlessly. Lissa immediately went to retrieve the abandoned kitten and took it in. After giving it a good bath and feeding it warm milk, we found that it had cat flu and we took it to the vet on the very next day. When the vet told us that the kitten is a male, we changed its name from Vanilla to Spike. Seven days later, this name has evolved to Spiky.

The last time our house had a feline member of the family, it was also a white tomcat named Salty. He was borne in our house by his mother Bubbles; and he lived with us to his final breath in May 2006. It broke my heart when Salty died. He tried very hard to hang on to us, although his body was already ravaged by illness. I spoke my last words to Salty, telling him how much we love him and that its okay for him to let go. That he will always be in our hearts. Those were my last words to him. And then he died, as if he had gotten the permission he needed to leave us for heaven.

I cried for months. I grieved for years, not wanting to replace Salty with another cat. After a few years had passed, my daughter, Lissa, began begging me for a pet to love and care for. A kitten. And although I said no, I know she quietly prayed for it. Her prayer was answered when Spiky mewed his way into our front door and into our hearts.

Spiky is such a playful and loving kitten. He spends his days and nights eating, drinking milk out of a bottle, playing and romping around, exploring all the dusty nooks and crannies in the house, and sleeping in the crook of our arms, snuggling for warmth and a sense of belonging.

I love to watch Spiky sleep. Sometimes, I'd catch him in deep sleep, jerking his head now and then, probably having a little cat dream. But recently, I noticed he seem to burrow his face into the soft blanket swathing him, making suckling noises with his mouth, with his little forearms out and paws kneading, like as if he's dreaming of snuggling and suckling at its mother's teats. It brought tears to my eyes. I wept like a baby, grieving for his loss. He's missing his mommy. I can feel my heart break for him. Poor little baby.

From that moment on, I decided that I am not going to hold back my love for him. Spiky is not Salty's replacement. But I truly believe Spiky is Salty's way of making us open our hearts to loving again. Spiky gave me the courage to let go of my fears. I have nothing to lose by loving Spiky. I have Spiky's adoring love.

Spiky entered our lives on a Thursday, in the month of Ramadhan. I believe Spiky is Allah's blessing on us.

Not forgetting all the other feline family members of ours, I'd like to take a moment to mention some of their names below:
Ginger I
Ginger II
Scamper II

We are eternally grateful for the many years of happiness and love they have given to our family. We know they are all in Eden.


Blackie007 said...

Awww....Spiky is so sweet. And so fortunate to have found you & your family.

Reminds me of my Blackie and his late brother, Brownie. Someone abandoned their mother when she was about 4 or 5 months old, and I fed her daily until she was about 1 year old. She gave birth to a litter, but was crushed by a car 3 days later, so I took her kittens in. Brownie has gone, but Blackie has grown into a handsome cat. (BTW, I'm a friend of Loh Yuen Weng's...he thot I might like to read your blog.)

Johana Dato' Johari said...

Thank you for reading my entry and leaving a comment. Its truly an honor to share my experience with others, especially those who have gone through the same heartache of losing a beloved pet. Please relay my gratitude to Loh for recommending my blog for your reading pleasure.

Blackie007 said...

will do. :)