Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In My Dark Place

In my darkness, I have eyes but cannot see,
I have words but I cannot speak,
My ears only hear the barking and sarcasm,
My nerves are raw, my soul is weak.

I look around me in search of light,
But all that can be perceived becomes a source of frustration,
I truly feel the pain of my plight,
With no one to speak, no one who dares to listen.

I feel loneliness and isolation,
So near but far away from friends and relations,
I reach out my hands for salvation,
For my soul is in need of divine intervention.

Any effort to change is already to late,
All the promises made turned out empty and unmet,
I made excuses and I did accommodate,
But I guess you've made up your mind, your choice is made.

Now I am left on my own devices,
To think of a way to save myself from this delusion,
I don't need words of wisdom or advices,
To walk away, is the only solution.

Forgive me for not being perfect,
Forgive me for not being patient.
I've given my all, I have nothing left,
I pray your disappointment will be transient.

May Allah forgive me for my weakness and flaws,
I have tried my best, even though its not enough,
May Allah have mercy on my soul and yours,
What we've done to each other is enough, is enough.

In the dark I shall stay,
Until light shines as bright as day,
To show me the path, show me the way,
So I will not again be led astray.

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abanglong said...

i love this entry..thanks !