Thursday, March 19, 2009

And The Wind Swirls Around Me Again...

All around the world, there are cyclones, tornados and hurricanes blowing their wrathful puffs, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction along the way. Unfortunately for me, although I may not be a continent or a nation, I am not excluded in the tempestuous winds eddying around me.

This is not my first experience. The wind blows the same. But what it brings with it this time is somewhat different than before. I have had my life turned upside down to the point where everything I believed to be right and true was challenged and re-established. This time around, the dust in the wind carries poison needles that tries to penetrate the faith of my soul and the strength of my spirit.

The rage may still be equally horrendous for those around me. Yet, I feel it differently. Its more like a whisper, strengthening my belief that faith is the strongest slayer of everything evil and devious. I am not swayed by the eddying wind around me. I stand strong and grounded. I am not easily shaken anymore. Allah has whispered in my ear. He is around me, in me, in everything. I can't lose this time. I can only win. I have Him on my side. And I am on His side.

The wind has failed to blow out my beacon of light that shines a path of victory for me to see. I venture on with confidence and integrity, with pride and humility, with faith and strength. Even if I were to perish, I still win. The greatest blessing is to live by His name. The greatest honor is to die for His sake. He did not ask this of me. I willingly volunteer. My life, my prayers, my death is all for Him. And I refuse to be one of the infidels.

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