Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yada-Yada Sisterhood

On the first day of the new year, my soul sister, and I decided to invite our much loved baby soul sister, Laton, to our very first Perjumpaan Vagina Monologue. The purpose of this gathering is mainly to celebrate and give full support to the wonderfulness of being women, wives and mothers while successfully (and most of the time, painfully) juggling our personal and professional lives.

We started chattering upon arrival at Wa's place, while beautifully setting the table for a wonderful "english weather" tea party, aptly furnished with scones, jam and butter. We laughed at each other's discovery of how similar (and dissimilar) we are to our mothers in the way we go about being wives and mothers in our own right.

Although the spread was hardly world class cuisine, the company made the treats extra special. It was laced with laughter and interspersed with wisdom shared. The cool rainy weather failed to dampen our spirits to rejoice and enjoy each other's love. Truly, the love of a sisterhood is beyond words and comparison.

We realize that the road to happiness is sometimes bumpy with challenges, misty with the tears of frustration, and scary with the unknown and unexpected. We also realize that we are women: the gender that Allah has chosen to bestow the gift of birth. Through our wombs, He brings forth His creations. Indeed, we are the blessed ones. For we are the ones with Rahiim.

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