Wednesday, November 7, 2007

To Be The Best

A few years ago, my meandering mind got hit by a bolt of thundering idea. I wanted to be the best in something. However, I was gobsmacked by the echoing question that ensued, "Be the best? In what?"

Lets see now.... I tried law, but dropped out of law school. Tried interior design, but the competition was too impossible for my humanitarian aquarian nature. I did become a professional singer but my perfectionism prevented me from being satisfied with my voice and performances. Now I am a counseling psychologist and I have yet a long way towards becoming a leading figure in this field.

At this point of muse, I found myself stuck in a quagmire. If I were to wriggle myself further into this puzzle, I know I will sink in deeper into a self inflicted despair. I know I score an average B- in being a wife to my husband and mother to my girls (This is my critical and judgmental self speaking here...). Where else, how else can I excel?

People say that a healthy competition is good. But then again, I never really believed in measuring myself by other people's yardsticks. So, how did I land myself in this predicament? Why do I need to be the best in something?

Honestly, that bolt of thundering idea came about just a few years before I turned 40. I guess I must have looked at my life and wondered where had it all gone to. What have I got to show for the years that I have lived? What achievements have I got to be proud of?

Which brings me to my latest light bulb moment. I can never be the best in something if I am opposed to measuring myself to others. Everyone is unique in their own way and its unfair to compare anyone with anybody. So, I have decided to be the best ME that I can be. After all, I do have the corner market on being me. Not even the paper dolls can impersonate me!

So, fake Johana Joharis... Move aside! Here is the real McCoy!! Ain't nothing but the real thang, baby. That's what I am. The best Me. As for the specs, well... Let my life say it all. Just watch. I'll show you. However, a word of warning... don't try being anyone else but yourself. because if you do, you'll fail. We can only be ourselves.


Yusuf/Martin said...

Bravo and I totally agree - seems that we have been on the same journey and have come to the same conclusion - it just took me a few extra years to work that out!

Bound By Honor said...

I agree wif u Kak Joe. The infamous quote: "Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination". What is important is that we embrace life itself within us, within the people around us, and within the society that we live in. Being ourself is the most precious gift one could give to oneself. But there's always a catch where being oneself could result in oneself marginalizing oneself in a society. We should not forget that we in a society, there are multitude of perceptions, a variety of people with different sense making abilities, and a handful of "weltanchung" or World Views. While is more important to be ourselves rather than being the best in something (since it will go away anyway some day), we should also keep in mind not marginalizing ourselves from the society or from our circle of influence.