Saturday, June 23, 2007

Its Been A Week But...

Its been a week since my return from heaven on earth. Most of my family members have recovered from bouts of cold and flu but we're still coughing badly. The normal medications that doctors dole out don't seem to work its miracles anymore. Maybe its the weather.

Its been a week since I left my heart in Mekkah. Everything back in Malaysia seem alien to me now. I pine to return to Mekkah. I miss the sight of the Kaabah. I miss the peace of mind and tranquility of my soul. Indeed, I feel different. Maybe I have changed.

Its been a week and I still have trouble getting back into the daily momentum of life in Kuala Lumpur. I don't feel the sense of belonging that I use to feel. I don't know how long these feelings are going to persist. I don't pray that I will return to normalcy if it means I become forgetful of why I am here in the first place, if it means that I will lose the forgiveness that I have sought and received for all the transgressions and diseases of my heart.

Its been a week but already I just wanna go home...

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