Monday, April 9, 2007

Blast from the Past

Lately, I have been keeping in touch with a group of people that I once knew while I was living in Swansea, Wales; back in 1984. And yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with them again at a reunion kindly organised by one of them.

It felt wonderful seeing them again after 22 years had lapsed and it was amazing to see how we are now in comparison to who we were back then. Most of us hasn't changed in looks nor character, gotten married and bared a few children (some more than others), almost all of us have established ourselves professionally. But the best part of all is how the friendship has remained the same as if we had never been apart!

The ones that came were the Upland girls: Isya, Liza, Nab (Jenna) and Eda. And then there were also the Bourneville Terrace Tenants: Kadir, Pau, Ameer, Asman, Abu, Roy.....and me! (Sorry guys, memang I sedar I ada ter-miss out someone...) And, of course, Zai who eventually married Kadir.

At the end of the gathering, as everyone was helping out to clean up the remnants of the BBQ and distributing some take away food, one of the girls were commenting how nice it would be if we could all meet up more often. But the ever wise Kadir, one of those who once lived in No.4 Bourneville Terrrace, said "Tak boleh jumpa selalu. nanti jadi menyampah pulak!" Hahahahahaaaaa. He's right. After all, there has to be some wisdom behind the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Tapi, mana lah tau.... To some people, "Out of sight, out of mind" applies more aptly for them. Hey, tak kisah lah.... Whatever floats your boats, babe! Happy Reunion, Fellow Swanseans!

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