Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Resilience of the Ice Age Squirrel

Recently, I decided to add Wednesdays as one of my do-not-get-out-of-bed days. Simply because I received bad news even before I could get out of bed and start my day. That day was doomed for gloom for me.

All my life, I've had many challenges and tribulations that may render many maimed for life.That one piece of paper sentenced me to a bleak future.

I don't consider myself a coward who recoils from any form of challenges and obstacles. When significant people tell me to jump, I would never hesitate to ask "How high?". But would you feel when you are asked to jump a certain height and as you're jumping to make the mark, they decided to raise the bar to the point you can't reach it? When such occurrences happen over and over again, during your life span, it is difficult to not feel like giving up.

As I was feeling low and vulnerable, the feeling of imcompetence and inferiority started seeping in through my pores. I resolved to feel redha for whatever He has designed and planned for me. I can do that. But, I also needed to be told what to do next.

Then came the revelation, imbedded in a simple cartoon flick meant for kids. I was given a glance of the Ice Age 2 trailer promo and zoomed my eyes to the tenacious little squirrel and his acorn. I saw how he never gave up getting his hands on that acorn and kept on at it. Suddenly my next move was clear as crystal to me. NEVER GIVE UP ON A GOOD THING!!

Looks like those people who have no faith in me would have to do better than a piece of paper to stop me from my passion! They can either embrace me into their circle and have me as one of the best contributors in the field or they can continue to try to be an obstacle in my path and I will forever be a thorn in their side and the loudest critic to their unproductive and most often self-contradicting ways. Cakap tak serupa bikin!

As far as Allah and my conscience is concerned, I am not committing a sin. I am helping many souls in need of guidance and wisdom and He has given me abundance of those. It would be a sin if I don't help those people when I am capable and willing to do so. How am I suppose to answer when Allah asks me "Why didn't you help them?" I do it in the name of Allah the Most Merciful and Loving and He pays me very well....

So, from today onwards, this little squirrel has become my biggest IDOL! And it will stay that way until I don't need him anymore. Thank you Allah for this wonderous clue. I understand now. Alhamdulillah...

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